“Social Equity” sounds like an important and worthwhile concept, but it can mean very different things to different people. The concept has policy and financial aspects to it, but it can be used more broadly – for example, there are often calls for equity in education, health and urban and regional planning. The concept encompasses policies and practices that go beyond simply treating people equally. Treating people in an equitable way requires taking into account their individual needs.

While social equity as a concept may be difficult to pin down, it provides a starting point for researchers from different disciplines to examine what they perceive as unjust or unfair social practices and to come up with options to redress them. This inaugural conference offers policymakers, non-governmental organisations and researchers from different disciplines the opportunity to work together to explore what social equity means and to investigate ways of ameliorating disadvantage.





What Social Equity Means to Us

Join us on Thursday afternoon for an interactive community pop-up event to explore and debate these ideas.
Expect surprise activities, stimulating discussion, food and fun.

Equality: Is it Fair?

Hosted by Corinne Grant, this free public debate will be held from 6.30 to 7.30 at the University of Melbourne.

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The program is available and registration is open.


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